3 years the results are amazing

After 3 years

The start of something great

 As the Club to Club project draws to an end we here at FFR would like to thank Council and the community of Muswellbrook for the amazing opportunity to work with you on this worthwhile cause. It's great to see some amazing results and we hope that it continues into the future. 

After 3 years the results are amazing

Club to Club project (muscle creek)

Weed treatment


FFR treated the steep banks along Muscle Creek for invasive weeds.

Steep bank stabilisation


With no vegetation holding the soil in place FFR installed coir mesh from top to bottom.

Tube stock planting


FFR planted Hunter Valley indigenous tube stock into the banks of Muscle Creek.

Progress Images


Continual monitoring of growth rates over the past 18 months and they will continue into the future.

3 Months later


Volunteer Groups



On Saturday the 1st of April 2018,  Volunteers  helped with the Club to Club project to restore Muscle Creek in the heart of Muswellbrook.

55 volunteers that helped out over a total of 3 days. Together we all cleared approximately 3000 square metres of weeds, planted over 250 riparian trees and is a part of a 3 year project funded by the NSW Government's Environmental Trust.