Health, Safety & Environment Policies



 Final Form Regeneration is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees, as well as persons who will continue to engage with the environment being worked on. 

Equipped with a long running experience working in mining sites and outdoor environments, our team is professionally attuned to the health and safety hazards involved in these fields of work, and identify those specific to each site upon commencing a project. 

We recognise that rigorous risk assessment and consideration of our work’s impact on the public is fundamental to the success of our pursuits, and constantly re-evaluate the safety measures being implemented to ensure this success.

All relevant insurances, including Public Liability and Workers’ Compensation are maintained diligently.  

  • These efforts culminate in our goal to eliminate all potential hazards or injuries associated with our actions, both short term and long term. With this underlying approach, we can apply ourselves to improving the environment without any harm done.  



The team at FFR approaches all aspects of rehabilitation in compliance with specific Aboriginal Cultural Management Plans being observed by the client.

Prior to undertaking work on previously undisturbed land, FFR seeks the appropriate permits to ensure the strategies proposed do not impose any impacts on the cultural heritage of the land.