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Land Management and Eco-Restoration

Final Form Regeneration (FFR) is a new business formed in the Hunter Valley by a passionate local team. Delivering holistic rehabilitation, revegetation, and land management services to the mining industry, agricultural sector, local government, and land care providers.

The team at Final Form Regeneration uses their skills and experience in environmental science, ecology, horticulture, land management, and mining to provide services tailored to meet client needs and achieve desired environmental performance outcomes. Final Form Regeneration services include:

  • Rehabilitation of reshaped landforms, including tube stock planting and watering
  • Tree screening for visual amenity and noise mitigation
  • Environmental and biodiversity offset management and improvement
  • Habitat corridor and offset linkages
  • Soil improvement and enrichment
  • Weed management and control
  • Erosion and sedimentation repair works
  • Landscape contouring
  • Nest-box installation and maintenance
  • Vertebrate pest management
  • Town beautification works
  • GPS mapping of land management activities